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Our Vision is To Contribute To The Sustainable Development Of UAE & Abu Dhabi Economies by Building Market-Leading sustainable Businesses Through Our Focused Approach, And Continuous Enhancement Of Our Value.


AQUAFA – Aqua Fisheries aquaculture

Aqua Fisheries Aquaculture “ Aqufaq” is proud to be the first to be land base and sea base company in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates.
Aquaculture is the fastest growing major food industries, and currently producing more than 55 percent of the global fish we consume and its largely responsible for doubling the per capita fish consumption of fish products since 1960s.

Aqua platform consultancy

AQUA PLATFORM CONSULTANCY LIMITED is the platform for the world’s leading companies in Aquaculture industry.
We signed an agreement with top Aquaculture leading industry in the sectors of the environmental study and technology suppliers and feeding sector as well as Aquaculture learning. we are looking to accelerate the UAE National career development in Aquaculture or break in to the industry.
We offer you 4 action-packed days that provide the ideal platform to make profitable business relationships, exchange ideas and enhance know-how.